The Dangers Of Texting And Driving


Do you send text messages from behind the wheel of your automobile? If you are, don’t worry you’re not alone. Statistics on the practice are being evaluated more and more, it’s clearly a growing problem. Over one hundred and fifty billion text messages are sent yearly, and a large percentage of those are sent while driving.

When a driver’s attention is taken off the road, it increases the odds of an accident, including talking on a cell phone, eating, applying make-up or shaving. But texting may be extremely dangerous since writing and sending a message requires drivers to look at the phone rather than at the highway and surrounding traffic for an long period of time.

Texting and driving has been identified as a major factor in several accidents, with police linking the time phone text messages were sent with the occurrence of deadly auto crashes. It seems to be a huge problem among teenagers. An insurance company survey found that roughly 19% of drivers admit to sending texting and driving, and an astounding 36% of drivers between the ages of 18 and 27 text while driving.

The problem has become dangerous enough for some states, including Washington and Oregon, to take notice and consider laws that makes driving while texting a crime. There are some activists that are lobbying to include texting and driving provisions in existing laws that prohibit hand-held electronic devices to be use on the road.

In fact, a recent Harris Interactive poll revealed that 89% of Americans support legislation to ban texting while behind the wheel. 91% believed that people who text and drive are just as dangerous as drunk driving.

The best way to help solve this problem is to pull over or wait until you get where you are going to text. Texting and driving can kill.


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