Home And Auto Insurance Mistakes


When you are buying home or auto insurance, fear is a necessary feeling to have. People are concerned about what will happen to their valuable belongings like automobiles or houses if they are destroyed by fire orwind etc., thus we buy insurance to help us maintain their financial integrity if something were to happen.

Here are some mistakes to avoid:


While you might be saving money because you bought the least expensive policy you could find that those low premiums will seem like a savings, but if the cost of an accident ends up being higher than your policy coverage limits, the rest of the expense will be out of your pocket. In fact, other parties involved could sue you, and if you don’t have any coverage or limited coverage, you could end up losing a large portion of your assets.


If you fail to pay your premiums in a timely manner or not paying them at all. When you don’t pay, your insurance carrier is not required to cover you in the case of a loss. To avoid a disruption in your insurance coverage, set up automatic monthly payments through your bank account or credit card.


Don’t make assumptions about what is covered or not on your insurance policy. There are limitations to the coverage a home insurance or an auto insurance policy will provide for higher items. You should never assume that all of your possessions are covered at full replacement cost. What you can do is add extra coverage to your policy with an endorsement, which gives you higher limits on these types of items. Always read your policy coverage limits in full and make sure you have proper coverage on your home, other structures, liability etc.


Don’t talk yourself out of buying an Umbrella Insurance Policy. These policies got their name because they protect you from a financial downpour. They can be purchased separately or you can obtain one from the same company that insures your auto or home insurance. Buying from iBettor current insurance company usually entitles you to a premium discount on the umbrella coverage. Umbrella policies are usually sold in increments of a 1 million dollars. The average annual cost is between 0 to 0 a year for the first million dollars worth of coverage and another to 0 for each additional million.


Always contact your insurance agent about changes that could affect your coverage needs. If you’ve added on to your home, or purchased an expensive computer, you need to contact your agent to see if the policy you have still meets your needs coverage wise. Your agent can also find ways to help you save money on premiums that won’t affect the quality of your coverage such as enrolling in a driver safety class, installing a central security system, increasing your deductibles, or taking advantage of good student discounts or having more than one policy with the same company.


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